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Clearwater News

12-4-2023 Clearwater Communications Announces Unveils New Company Logo

Clearwater Communications,

 a local association management firm founded in 2001, has updated its company logo after 22 years and refreshed its website, marking a significant milestone in the company’s evolution.


The reimagined logo displays bright colors, a rounded design, and cohesive feel. The logo colors are blue and orange, and both are symbolic of what Clearwater Communications strives to provide to its clientele. Blue signifies trust, loyalty, and responsibility, while orange is representative of positivity, strength, and creativity.

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7-1-2022 Clearwater Communications Announces New Leadership

Clearwater Communications, a full-service association management and public relations firm, announces President Dana Bohn and CEO Deana Wiese are stepping down to make way for a new generation of leadership to guide the Clearwater team.


The faces of the new management team are existing shareholders who have already served Clearwater clients well. Vice President of Operations Shannon Schutt will now serve as president, Miranda Hoffert will continue as the chief finance officer, Robin Pursley will continue as vice president of creative services, and Dana Bohn and Deana Wiese will join Mike Dwyer in serving as advisors.

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