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Professional Services

Clearwater Communications is the go-to destination for businesses and nonprofits looking for effective management and communication solutions. Our team of experienced professionals can help you create a strategy that works for your unique needs. Discover our services today to take your business to the next level.

Association Management

Clearwater Communications serves as the home office and staff for several nonprofit associations. Primary managerial services include: 

  • Board and Committee Support

  • Financial Services                    

  • Membership Management

  • Government and Media Relations

  • Communication Support

  • Grant Writing        

  • Meeting Facilitation

  • Strategic Planning          

  • Administrative Support

Event Planning

We work to ensure guests at your event know your purpose and are motivated to attend.

In coordinating conferences, conventions and other special events, we stay focused on your main message while identifying, developing and coordinating: 

  • Promotional materials    

  • Programs              

  • Scripts

  • Gifts, prizes, and silent auctions

  • Logistics                

  • Speakers

  • Sponsors

Graphic Design

Our design team creates a variety of high-quality publications and works closely with the client in theme development, graphic design and layout. We seek to build each client's individual image and pay close attention to detail in: 

  • Magazines          

  • Newsletters      

  • Brochures          

  • Programs          

  • Calendars          

  • Advertisements

Writing and Editing

The talent pool of writers at Clearwater is deep and wide. North Dakota Horizons, the North Dakota State Magazine, has its editor and home here. Feature stories for Horizons and many other state publications are regularly written by our staff, who are also experienced in composing: 

  • Letters              

  • News Releases                

  • Video Scripts                  

  • Grants

  • Newsletters        

  • Business Memos          

  • Business Reports

Government Relations

Clearwater staff provide government relations and lobbying services to a wide variety of clients in the agriculture, business and nonprofit sectors. After identifying and prioritizing legislative issues, we work with organization members to initiate statewide grassroots support and responses to state and national issues. Services include: 

  • Engaging with legislators and administration officials to achieve client goals

  • Testifying in front of standing and interim legislative committees

  • Building consensus among statewide and regional organizations

  • Monitoring state and national legislation

  • Producing educational materials and regular updates on legislative activity for clients and their members

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